Sunday, February 22, 2009

Time Capsule: Looking back to a blog posted June 7, 2008

Titled, The Road We All Travel

There's always more than one path in life. Even if it doesn't look that way.

Sometimes the right path isn't visible on first glance, so you head down the path frequently traveled. But then you start to backtrack on the path, and you notice the fork in the road that you missed earlier.

You failed to notice the path because it was a beaten dirt road, and its clear that its the road less traveled. You take a step onto the path, and you immediately fall flat on your face. Do you get up and continue down that beaten path? Do you turn back, and continue towards failure on the road traveled by many? Or do you just stay down, and wait for someone to help you up?

What if that person your waiting for never comes around? Are you just gonna stay down? It seems like the obvious answer would be "Of course not. I'm gonna get up". Okay, but then what? Are you going to continue down the beaten, untraveled path, and run the risk of falling down again, or are you going to get back on the main road, and fall into the same trap as everyone else?

What if you don't know which road is right for you? What if you can't tell which is the more dangerous path? What if you can't tell which is less traveled? What if
you backtracked too far, and your back at the beginning? Do you start over, and pick a different final destination?

What if you don't know where your final destination is? Do you just stop until you figure out where it is, or do you just keep going, and hope things work out for the better for you?

How many times is the road going to fork? How many dead ends are you going to run into? How many broken bridges are you going to have to repair along the way?

Only you can answer that for yourself. And I'm the only one who can find an answer to my problems.

Wow, looking back at this old blog I posted on my myspace over 6 months ago, I realize thats its more relevant than its ever been. It fits well with the metaphorical adventure that I mentioned in my last blog post a few hours ago. If I do see the adventure in front of me, how will I know its the adventure I'm meant to go on?

Well, like I said back then, only you can answer that for yourself. I'm gonna have to figure it out myself, somehow

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