Friday, February 27, 2009

The Ripples

I love sitting by the edge of a lake, or any body of water, and just stare out into the water. Every time you look you might see something different. But the one thing that is there every time you look at any body of water are the ripples. But they aren't the same ripples.

Its strange. Ripples start out small, but they grow surprisingly quickly. It is kind of like every action any of us do. Even if it seems like your doing something so insignificant, you never know how big the outcome of those actions will be. For all we know, we could be altering the world with these actions.

But what if you knew what exactly was being changed when you did something? What if you saw how big the ripples got before you even made them? Would you do things differently, or would you be helpless and be forced to hopelessly look at a predetermined future? As much as we'd like to know what the future holds, I think we would be better off not knowing. If we knew what was gonna happen in our lives, then why bother living? I think we're all better off just living life not knowing what the future will bring.

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Gail said...

Your words and your thoughts are amazing.