Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Does anyone else wish life was as simple as it was all those years ago, before our eyes were open to all the bad that is in the world? Back then, the world didn't feel quite as lonely as it feels today. Maybe its just me, or maybe this horrible post-9/11 world really is all that different.

But anyway, as a kid, we never had to worry about what road we wanted to travel on in life. We certainly had no realistic expectation for life, thats for sure. Sure, some of us may have wanted to be cops or lawyers or doctors, but we didn't really know what being those things truly meant, and what had to be done to actually become those things.

It felt like there were more roads to take back then, and that the roads were a bit wider. You could even stray off of the path and find your way back later. These days, the road feels so narrow, and straying away from the path doesn't ever seem to do much good.

I guess I just miss the "good old days" when life was simple.

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